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The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) Well Control Incident lesson sharing system was established as a means of notifying fellow IOGP members and the wider community of the lessons learned from well control incidents and near misses. The sharing of these lessons will help to promote learning and avoid the repetition of similar errors. The result will move the industry to a higher level of well control safety. IOGP is grateful for all contributions and the continued support of the Well Control Incident Database reporting system.

A small number of the alerts are restricted to IOGP member companies. The full set of lesson sharing reports is available to IOGP member companies at http://wci.iogp.org.

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2019 Oct

Uncontrolled release of wellbore gas at surface during slickline plug retrieval operations resulting in well control incident.

2019 Aug

Decreased geologic awareness combined with hole problems leads to an unnoticed well kick.

2019 May

Influx while drilling a reservoir section while using Managed Pressure Drilling

2019 Feb

Unexpected geology and compromised volumes tracking result in a kick

2018 Dec

Shallow kick while running casing leads to complex well control

2018 Nov

Influx from unconventional reservoir with drill string out of hole for BOP test

2018 Aug

Confirm that all equipment in the well control circulating path is rated for the application

2018 May

Delayed Well Control Shut-in during auto-choke Managed Pressure Drilling

2018 Feb

Loss of well control, hole and drill string due to poor communication and well monitoring.

2018 Mar

Misunderstood pore pressure, lack of vigilance and empowerment cause Well Control Incident.

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