IOGP high potential event reports

High Potential Events are defined to be any incident or near miss that could, in other circumstances, have realistically resulted in one or more fatalities.

IOGP has been gathering high potential descriptions from its members since 2000. These include upstream significant events reported both by companies and contractors. Event reports are categorised by region, country, location (onshore/offshore), cause and activity at the time of the event.

The information provided here is not detailed; often the root cause of an incident cannot be established. However the information should assist organisations to identify likely hazards, human factor issues and failure modes that they may not have recognized within their own operations. In particular it allows organisations to question whether their own Safety Management System would have prevented the event occurring and mitigated its consequences.

The entire database is now available and searchable on this website. Please note that some of the events have been recategorised since they were originally published, therefore statistical results from this database may not be the same as those originally reported in the annual IOGP Safety Performance Report (see IOGP Reports).

This database should not in any way be considered a complete record of high potential events in the upstream oil industry or the IOGP membership.

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