Welcome to the IOGP Safety Zone

This website has been provided by members of IOGP to allow their own personnel, contractors and other organisations to have ready access to health and safety related information relevant to operations in the upstream oil and gas industry. Its primary aim is to improve the global dissemination of safety related information - it does not attempt to provide information relevant to individual regions (where available, appropriate regional information should be consulted).

Within the Safety Zone you will find:

  • Causal factors for fatal incidents and high potential events.
  • A safety alert and well control incident lesson sharing system which allows registered users (register here!) to receive emails on the latest alerts and well control incident lessons shared.
  • The fatal incident and high potential event databases. These incident reports were submitted by participating IOGP members as part of the annual safety data collection exercise, and were published in the Safety Performance Indicators reports.
  • Easy access to reports and other information produced by IOGP, its members, international regulators and other bodies, in particular the latest IOGP Safety Performance reports.

We are thrilled to announce that our safety alerts will now be accessible on Toolbox, alongside hundreds of other incidents shared by industry professionals. As a free-to-use platform, Toolbox serves as an invaluable resource, gathering incident lessons and safety information contributed by global energy companies. Developed by the Energy Institute (EI), Toolbox quickly connects you and other users around the world to health and safety insights from leading energy companies partnered with the EI.