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Safety notice: Eurogrit contaminated with asbestos fibres - may no longer be used, processed or delivered

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Incident Date: 5 October 2017   Time: ---

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A important letter of notification was issued by Eurogrit BV on 5 October 2017, available for download here.

The following text is copied from the letter of notification.

We have reason to believe that our product Eurogrit, an aluminium silicate (coal slag) blast cleaning abrasive has been contaminated with asbestos fibres. It concerns a form of asbestos called chrysotile or "white asbestos". We have reported this to the authorities and we have ordered further investigation by an independent and certified company.

This means that the product Eurogrit, an aluminium silicate (coal slag) abrasive, out of precaution may no longer be used, processed or delivered in any way with immediate effect.

Furthermore the product needs to be secured in a safe place in order to prevent further spread. Unopened packages need to stay unopened. We advise to cover opened packages in accordance with local legislation related to working with asbestos containing material.

We hereby request you to inform us how much stock you still have available of this product and in which form of packaging. Can you furthermore please inform us how much of the product you have consumed or used during the past three months, on which location and to whom you may have resold the products? If you have resold the products to your customers, then we request you to forward a copy of this letter to them as soon as possible.

Contact details and alternative products are listed in the original letter which can be downloaded at the link above.

Safety Alert number: 294
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