IOGP Safety Alerts

The aim of this area of the website is to provide a mechanism to allow organisations to share information on incidents they have experienced which either led to, or had a significant potential to lead to, major injury or fatality. As a minimum, a description of the incident is enough to allow an organisation to establish whether their own HSE-MS is sufficiently robust to prevent a similar type of incident occurring.

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2017 Mar

Compressor Fire on an Offshore Platform

2016 Dec

Misinterpreted swabbed kick from shallow reservoir leads to delicate well control situation

2016 Dec

High CO2 in Diver Breathing Gas.

2016 Dec

Wrong circulating volume calculation leads to gas in drilling riser

2016 Nov

P&A: Trapped gas released when punching tubing

2016 Sep

Pipe fall from skids resulting in 2 fatalities - Investigation Lessons Summary

2016 Sep

Corrosion Coupon Plug Ejected from Pressurised Pipeline – follow up

2016 Jun

Fatal Diver Incident due to uncontrolled differential pressure

2016 Jun

Barrier verification missed: Open fluid loss valve leads to well control incident

2016 May

Corrosion Coupon Plug Ejected from Pressurised Pipeline

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